Tenancy fees are illegal: lets keep them that way.

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The Scottish Government is clarifying the law on tenancy fees, and has launched its “Consultation on the Charging of Premiums in the Private Rented Sector”. They are currently illegal, however some fees may actually end up being legalised following this consultation, so swift action is needed. (more…)

Can You Trust Your Landlord With Your Personal Details?

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Tenants are being blacklistedIf you live in rented housing, then there’s a chance that your personal details are being stored and shared without your knowledge. It has recently emerged that landlords have been setting up websites to share records about their previous tenants, effectively giving them the ability to create a blacklist. (more…)

How I got my tenancy fees back!

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An EPTAG member, Euan Kidston, explains how he followed the EPTAG guide to getting your illegal tenancy charges back, and won! (more…)

Next meeting: Monday 19th, 7pm

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Our next meeting is at 7pm, Monday 19th, in the Leith Community Education Centre. We will be discussing how to move forward with our campaign against criminal landlords, and taking action on illegal letting agency fees. See you there!

In an article on STV Edinburgh, Maggie Chapman, the Green Councillor for Leith Walk Ward and the Green housing spokesperson – explained why she is backing an Edinburgh Private Tenants Action Group’s campaign for tougher enforcement against criminal landlords.

Read the full article here.

EPTAG’s campaign against illegal letting agency fees makes it into the news:

Survey puts spotlight on the ‘disgrace’ of extra tenancy fees charged by city letting agencies. A newly formed Edinburgh tenants group has released survey results that show that the vast majority of letting agencies in the city are charging private tenants fees which campaigners claim are illegal.

Read the full article on STV Local here.

A call for a Tenants’ Movement

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Bright Green Scotland has recently published an article calling for a private tenants movement which mentions EPTAG.

“Housing is one of the defining issues of our generation. Not only have sub-prime mortgages triggered a financial crisis that has led to high unemployment and austerity measures, but it’s also becoming more difficult to find a decent and affordable place to live.”

Read the full article in the blog Bright Green Scotland, here.

Tenancy Fees – EPTAG’s Guide To Getting Your Money Back

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Despite the fact that it is illegal under Scots Law, most letting agencies operating in Edinburgh charge new tenants a fee on top of their rent and deposit. Because the practise is so common, even among “reputable” agencies, it can be difficult to avoid paying illegal fees – but you have the right to claim a refund.

This information isn’t widely known, so we’ve produced a step-by-step guide to help tenants get their money back.

Next meeting…

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Our next meeting is on Monday, 20th Feb, 19.00-21.00, in the Leith Community and Education Centre.  We will be planning our upcoming public meeting, please come along and help us make this event a great success!

Public Meeting: Stop Criminal Landlords!

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Edinburgh Private Tenants Action Group is holding a public meeting on Thursday, 8th March, 7:00pm until 9:00pm to launch a campaign for tougher enforcement against criminal landlords.

We all want to live in safe, secure homes. Some people can’t. Private tenants are among the most vulnerable in our city, with low incomes, insecure jobs, and insecure tenancies.
Many tenants have problems with landlords, including:

  • withholding deposits,
  •  refusing repairs,
  • illegal evictions, and
  • threats of violence.

Come to our public meeting, and hear the stories of people affected by criminal landlords, from tenants activists and campaigners, and from advice workers.

Whether you are a private tenant or not, show your support, and get involved in our campaign to stop criminal landlords!