Planting ACORNs

January 5th, 2014 | Posted by admin in News

ACORN logoAt our recent general meeting EPTAG agreed not only to assist in the create of a Scotland-wide private tenant’s organisation, Private Tenants Scotland, but also to join with ACORN Scotland, a broader community organisation based on principles similar to our own.

As private tenants we face many issues, not all of which are exclusive to ourselves. Whilst dodgy landlords and unscrupulous letting agents are exactly the sort of bread and butter issues that EPTAG is built to tackle, issues like rip-off energy prices, service cutbacks and safety on our streets are not the concerns of private tenants alone.

This is where ACORN steps in. It’s a broad-based community organisation built on the basis of campaigning and organising to win change. Like EPTAG, ACORN is a membership organisation so that it is at all times both democratically and financially accountable to its membership. Which issues to campaign on are decided by the members in each area and everyone is welcome, private tenants, social tenants and home owners.

ACORN membership will also benefit private tenants by informing and encouraging tenants met during ACORN campaigns and advertising EPTAG to them. Similarly where we meet non-tenants who want to get organised and campaign for things in a similar way to EPTAG we can refer them on to ACORN.

To find out more about ACORN Scotland visit the website here.

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